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On the defensive: Carole Radziwill had to stand up for herself on Tuesday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, as host Andy Cohen questioned her about a series of mean tweets from co-star Luann de Lesseps'And the trip that she’s referring to is a trip to Nicaragua where he runs a non-profit, a farm in Nicaragua, and they were going with a whole group of people because after they broke up they remained friends, and are still very friendly to this day.It was not a bad breakup.''I thought we were friends, too,' she responded, adding: 'I don't know where all of this hate is coming from.We have always seen Carole as a laid back, chic, writer who goes with the flow and is fun and easy going.

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I would have made sacrifices to be with her, but ultimately, it didn’t work out.” I think that’s so sweet! ’ A man who has been in music his whole life, and obviously it’s a huge part of who he is, and he is ready to set it aside and commit to Carole! However, I see how that could put some pressure on Carole,(I’ll give up my life of 17yrs on tour for you) but it still sounds like he loved her a whole lot! Russ goes on saying,“I told Carole, ‘I’m in love with you.I want to settle down, get married and have a family – and I want to do it with you.’ But her response was, ‘I never want to get married again.’ It’s sad because we had such a special bond. She wanted her independence and didn’t want to be tied down to someone she had to check in with every day.Not only was Carole busy living it up as a ‘Housewife of New York’ on Bravo she was busy becoming an author!Russ admits he had to take on a similar outsource to release his energy and feelings out into…music!

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